Briot Accura Axcell CL Patternless Edger




This BRIOT Axcell Patternless lens edger has been reconditioned to
optimum performance. After being submitted through a complete
maintenance process and calibration.
We offer 90 days full parts warranty. The new Briot Axcell Lab CL is
designed to meet the needs of high volume wholesale and retail labs
with its high-speed production capacity and durable construction. For
models CLD, Edging and drilling are executed in one machine without
handling the lens between steps. One Axcell tracer-blocker can drive
up to three edgers for maximum productivity.
TRACES with exclusive 5-D precision
CENTERS without a lensmeter
BLOCKS automatically and quickly
EDGES all lens materials
GROOVES rimless lenses
SAFETY BEVELS both front and rear
POLISHES for a high quality finish
This sale includes edger and accesories kit with calibrating gages,
water pump, interface and power cables and operations manual.

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