Briot Alta Z Patternless Edger




ALTA Z can handle all of your needs by itself, or combined with either the ALTA XLd tracer/blocker or the ALTA XS tracer/blocker.It performs a wide-range of finishes

with record speed.
-Dimensions : W510 x D615 x H570mm
-Weight : 79Kg
-Voltage : 230V/115V-50Hz/60Hz
Four 90mm edging wheels : all plastics (CR39, polycarbonate, Trivex, high index), bevel and rimless finishing, TBS wheel.
Integrated drilling function : contersunk holes, notches, blind or open oblong holes. Drilling angles adjusts automatically from 0° to 30°.
Tracing prior to roughing with accuracy of 50 microns. Feeling front and rear curvature and lens thickness.
Visual preview of lens on request, before starting roughing cycle.
6 different bevels : front face, percentage ( default setting), 1/2-1/2, rear face, controlled bevel (manual), automatic bevel
Edging pressure controlled according to the materials selcted, the treatment required and their fragility.
Minimum edging diameters: rimless finish 17mm, grooved finish 18.2mm, bevel finish 18.6mm, safety bevel finish 21mm
Rimless and bevel polishing.
Grooving : front and rear face with adjustable depth and width. Grooving angle adjusted automatically accordinf to the curve and the height of the lens.
Customized safety bevel (front face, rear face).

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